ozewai 2005 presentation

I'm delivering a short paper presentation at OZeWAI 2005 today, via Skype. The topic is "Sticks, Carrots & Staying Sane - an approach to standards advocacy in large organisations". You can view the presentation notes if you so desire! If you have any comments on the presentation, please post them here.

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  1. Anonymous chaals, December 07, 2005 6:02 p.m.: 

    Well, sitting on the stage listening to your voice was a poor substitute for having you here. And having a beer on your behalf is a poor substitute for having one with you. (And it means I don't get to rag you in person about not using OperaShow :-)

    Nice talk though. Hope next year we both make it in person...

  2. Anonymous David Grant, December 07, 2005 6:42 p.m.: 

    Thank you for providing an excellent and guerilla style approach to getting organisational "buy in" on accessibility.
    I'm not a developer but a soul that lives within a communications area and has to provide a cross-organisational strategy for all things web.
    If I take one thing away from OZeWAI 2005 - it is your excellent approach to doing better web business!
    My next step (I think) is to opertionalise our accessibility policy - probably using the AIM Accessibility Toolbar.
    Thanks for an excellent insight.

  3. Anonymous Lachlan Hardy, December 08, 2005 6:08 p.m.: 

    Just for you, Ben


    Although I've since realised that I should have taken a photo of the audience, really. Then at least you would have known what we all looked like!

  4. Anonymous Maxine Sherrin, December 08, 2005 9:17 p.m.: 

    That looked like a beautifully organised presentation Ben, and it had the hallmarks of "the voice or experience". Would love to have heard it.

    Would also love to IM some time about your feelings about how it went doing this via Skype. Wow - lotta potential there. If you've got time at some stage get in touch and I'll give you my AIM account.

    Well done to whoever came up with this idea: it's a great one!

  5. Blogger 200ok, December 08, 2005 10:25 p.m.: 

    Chaals: not being there certainly lacked a certain something... here's hoping we're both there next year!

    David: thanks, and I'm very glad it was useful for you! I'm rather taken with the idea of "guerilla style" advocacy... might have to borrow that term at some point :)

    Lachlan: thank you so much for taking that photo... funny to see my slides up on the screen like that when I wasn't there though :) Let me know if you post any more pics from the conference!

    Maxine: the credit really goes to Liddy Nevile, who wasn't phased for a moment when I told her I couldn't get there in person. I'll be in touch with some IM details :)

  6. Anonymous Lachlan Hardy, December 09, 2005 11:30 a.m.: 

    Unfortunately, Ben, work calls and so I only made the first day of the conference. I'm trying to get finished early today so I can get back out there after lunch or at least for the party. If I make it, I'll definitely take some more photos for you

  7. Anonymous Karl Dawson, January 02, 2006 12:10 p.m.: 

    I was googling my site name (that standards guy) and stumbled on your OZeWAI 2005 presentation notes.... so I thought I'd drop you a line as it struck a chord :-)

    I'm in a similar situation at work (UK local government) but you'd be wrong in thinking that implementing accessibility would be easy in a government setting...

    Here's how my masterplan, not dissimilar to your notes has panned out so far:
    1. Convinced my team boss to send me to @media 2005 in London for the "cost" of telling everyone about it.
    2. Bored everyone silly with talk of web standards and accessibility.
    3. Ridiculed all the crap that we have by reproducing working examples of existing stuff with waaaay less coding.
    4. Witnessed just how good external contractors are :P
    5. Wished that accessibility was a much shorter word because all the dev guys are talking about it.
    6. Wished that the dev guys would shut up about CSS.

    I'm now in the position where this won't go anywhere until it's a manager's idea but lo and behold someone has asked me to develop a plan to ensure that we maintain accessibility (we have it already?)

    They've fell into my trap - it's POLICY making time! I haven't touched the proposal since the holidays but I think it's about 13 pages long so far and links to an equal sized web development strategy proposal. It's been a long year but I might just have them where I want them....

    Keep the faith and all the best for the new year!