2008-01-25: X-UA-Compatible: let sleeping intranets lie?

The longer I think about X-UA-Compatible, the more I think it's not really about "not breaking the web". I think it's about "not breaking big bad web apps".

While it's possible that Microsoft wants to be friends with standardistas, or at least make us shut up, they really don't want to be enemies with a much larger group - large web application vendors and administrators.

forthcoming events

If you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth there's stuff coming up you should go to:

Update: let's add to the list... Web Directions has just announced Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra dates. No details precisely what the two new events will be, though. Anyway, details at Web Directions South: 2008.

2008-01-08: dashing into trouble - why html comments break in firefox

[Or, When Minutiae Attack!]

Update 2011.10.17: a quick test in Firefox 6 and 7 suggests they've finally fixed this issue. With the suggestion that FF 3.6 will reach EOL in the near future, we might finally be able to say goodbye to this curious little problem.

There's a perennial question that pops up on email lists and from other developers. The question goes something like this:

"This page works fine in everything except Firefox and I can't tell why... it's showing an HTML comment as raw code..."

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