2011-10-17: WDS11, the big stonking post™

Welcome to the Web Directions South 2011 Big Stonking Post™, my rough notes hammered out on a laptop (to aid my own recall) and posted here for your enjoyment.

The usual notes: These are very raw notes - excuse typos, and if you need an exact quote please check the podcast as some of my quotes end up more like paraphrases (I can only type so fast...). Anything marked "Aside:" is my own thought and not something the speaker said.

2011-06-14: one script, seven ways

It's one thing to write code from scratch, but quite another to edit and improve existing code. It's also quite something to have your code dissected in front of a crowd...

2011-04-22: the html5 switch

Depending on who you talk to, you should have been using HTML5 months, nay years ago; or it's something you might be using in 2022. As usual the truth is somewhere between the glib extremes.

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