What is this?

I go to Web Directions and write notes. The posts about Web Directions are quite large. So they became known as the the Big Stonking Posts™. This page is all about the BSPs. It is also pretty big. It's a Big Stonking Page about Big Stonking Posts... The Big Stonking Meta Page.

Obviously yes I go to other things too, but this page is not about those things... Also I don't publish notes for everything I go to.

The posts

All the Web Directions Big Stonking Posts, in one big stonking list:

In 2005 and 2006, I was trying to liveblog the events. These were posted mid-event when wifi was working, but more often than not from the hotel later on. They're the precursor to the Big Stonking Posts.

The talks

All the talks in all the posts. Important to note this is not all the talks from all the events - it's just the ones where I wrote notes. Some of these were multi-track events so there are a lot of speakers I didn't catch.

If you want to see videos of these, most are available on Conffab.

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