2008-12-26: Moments of Connection

We talk about connection a lot. We talk about social objects, social networks... technology to connect people.

But for all that, a lot of the time we remain distracted by the tools we're using. The experience is often "using the service" rather than "connecting with friends".

Then there are some moments which show us what connection really means.

2008-12-03: Choose your resolution

The old rules for supporting screen resolutions were simple. Monitors were basically all the same shape and new ones just got a little bigger... so all you really had to do was support the standard resolution of new monitors, plus one resolution "back". Easy!

But these days the rules aren't so simple. Desktop monitors are generally bigger, but they come in a variety of sizes and ratios; and users don't always maximise their browser windows anyway. People are browsing on tiny mobile phones that weren't really designed for anything longer than a text message. Devices like the iPhone, Nintendo Wii and Asus Eee PC are new and shiny, yet their resolution is retro.

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