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header photos

You can see original versions of most of the header photos on Flickr.


The 200ok Weblog is published using Blogger, since I am more interested in writing the blog than maintaining the blog tool. That in turn means the site is almost valid and could be quicker. Blogger unfortunately hard-codes some invalid markup and unnecessary resources.


200 OK is the HTTP status for "The request has succeeded." (RFC 2616 10.2.1). Need I say more? :)

the stamp

Red, square stamp with 200ok translated to Chinese

So, what's the deal with the stamp you see on the site, various avatars, stickers, etc? It's from a stone stamp/chop with "200ok" translated as closely as possible in Chinese. The top two characters are a direct translation of two hundred; the bottom two... well, it varies regionally, but generally it forms something like "you can" in the sense of "you have permission". That seemed like a reasonably close interpretation of OK.

The translation and stamp were created by a lovely gentleman in Sydney who makes these stamps for a living. You can find him at the Paddington Markets on most Saturdays.

about ben buchanan

Photo of Ben Buchanan

I entered the web industry the same way as most people I know: by teaching myself to code in an era when almost no formal web training existed. I majored in Journalism and Philosophy at university and learned to make websites while goofing off from study. I worked as a copywriter for a while, but went full time as a web developer when I realised people were willing to pay me to stuff around with computers.

I currently work as the Interface Architect for ansarada (Sydney, Australia). Previously I have worked for Bigcommerce, Atlassian, News Digital Media and Griffith University. If you need them, there are more details on LinkedIn.


I was somewhere in front of the crowd at...


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you may remember me from such events as...

You can usually find me anywhere that web geeks have gathered in Sydney. I ordered the beer and pizza for Sydjs for a couple of years (probably my best-received work to date) and have helped run other events like SydCSS and SWAG. Ajay Ranipetra and I ran a few things under the banner 'Geeks On The Grass' before it was naturally subsumed into other meetups.

I was somewhere in the crowd at Web Directions Respond 2016-2017 (syd), Web Directions (South) 2006-2016, Web Directions Code 2015, UX Australia 2014, Web Essentials 2005, and my first ever conference OZeWAI 2004.