Doing the rounds at the moment is a Five Things I Want In Opera tag-meme. Chaals tagged the world of connected people so that's good enough for me. Besides, I don't really want to wait for this meme to work its way out of Europe ;)

Here are five things I want in Opera (no particular order):

  • An auto-update feature so people are less likely to let their version lag. This feature alone determined whether I recommended Opera or Firefox to my mother-in-law.
  • Web developer tools similar to Firefox's Web Developer Toolbar. There are some add-ons which are pretty good but I'd really push for Opera to integrate more of them into the base install.
  • Slicker handling of Opera mods like user js - they sound too techy so the average user won't try them. I'd also like a neater way to add Bookmarkets to a toolbar, even if the only change was being able to set the favicon permanently.
  • Let me synch my Opera preferences with my account at my.opera.
  • Default toolbars which are more consistent with competitors. Out of the box, the buttons in Opera don't look like other browsers. I have long since thought this was a reason many users "don't get" Opera, leading them to ditch it in that all-important "just trying it out" phase.

Who am I tagging? Anyone who wants to join in - comment with the URL of your post.