After three years, I thought it was about time to launch a new look for this site. Although I liked a lot of features of the old design, it just wasn't hanging together any more.

So I've gone down the path of "realign, not redesign". I've kept the garden theme, but changed the layout around and properly incorporated the stamp. I've made the bookmarks a bit more prominent and dropped the out-of-date linkroll (haven't decided if I'll bring it back later, and if so how/what format). In general, I've just updated it to a fresher look.

A couple of functionality changes...

  • Tags will now go to post index pages instead of Technorati (older posts will slowly get converted to the new system)
  • I've added a combined feed with both the posts and bookmarks. The posts-only feed is still available too, of course.
  • The old "extras" feed will keep working but I'm retiring it from the site (it was never a particularly logical combination of content).

Some quirks do come through from strange hard-coded Blogger restrictions.

  • Tags are called "labels" and they come hard-coded with their own description and paragraph tag.
  • The logo on label index pages doesn't link back to the homepage, because it seems to apply the homepage template.
  • Comments display the authentication method of the user, although I can live with that (show us yer Openid ;)).
  • Pages with multi-paragraph comments won't validate thanks to Blogger's love of uppercase break tags.

So anyway, that's where I'm up to :) Feel free to comment or email with feedback (or you spot any bugs).