The wifi has turned out to be a bust: to get connected with a PC, you have to disable all firewalls. Since I don't practice unsafe wifi, that means updates will occur in the evening on aforementioned modem connection.

A few quick impressions of day one before I collapse in bed...

day one quotable quotes

  • Molly described web types as The tribe of people who wear many hats. She also reminded us that Blogs help people change the world. I'm sure a certain professor would also be happy to know she cited blogs and wikis as killer apps!
  • Jeff Veen, looking at a screenshot of the Quixtar site: All I can tell is ethnically diverse people are having a lot of fun...
  • Jeff again: Web 2.0? What happened to Web 1.0? It's barely out of alpha!
  • Jeff again, again: AHA! I have resonated with my audience!
  • Eric Meyer, at the beginning of his talk: I'd like to thank Russ and Maxine for putting me on after Jeffrey tossers.
  • Eric again, over the thumping noise of demolition next door: I'll be talking about A List Apart, apparently to a driving industrial beat.
  • Kelly Goto, as the thumping kicks in again after she talked about drinking too much caffeine: Woah, is that my heart?
  • Dean Jackson, after some slightly dodgy comments: Uhh.... oh. This is all podcast isn't it...
  • Russ introduces Doug Bowman, describing him as the hundredth monkey of CSS. Doug takes the stage and proclaims solemnly: Oook! Oookook!

day one notable moments

  • Molly gets First Code-based Joke with her reference to her niece, carolyn:first-child
  • WE05: a conference so completely attended, the organisers have to usher people to their seats.
  • At least one attendee considers Firefox a "killer app". I Showed Restraint and did not yell out "go download Opera you philistine!" ;)
  • Tantek Celik gets First S5 Presentation of the conference (please forgive the use of <sup>, Tantek..).
  • Tantek proposes we play with combinations of existing XHTML elements in order to produce richer semantic meaning. I'm sure it's the influence of reading Neil Stephenson's The System of the World at the moment, but I couldn't help thinking of this as semantic alchemy: creating elements of greater value than the base elements ;)
  • World first, right here at WE05! A live podcast of a room evacuation. Right before I was about to ask Tantek a question, too.
  • Eric Meyer was spotted crouched on the footpath outside during the fire alarm, trying to connect to wifi. Photographic evidence to follow :)
  • I made Tantek laugh with my "I (broken entity symbol) Unicode" tshirt. It was judged "very geeky", which is perhaps slightly worrying in context at WE05 ;)

More detailed notes will follow at a later date.