Tantek's Thoughts | Pandora's Box (Model) of CSS Hacks And Other Good Intentions: Well it's been 7 years since REC-CSS2 ... But we don't have any fully compliant CSS 2.1 browsers yet.

Tantek gives us a history lesson about hacks; but at the end is forced to wrap up the same way we've been wrapping this issue for quite some time now: avoid hacks, validate your work, don't rely on defaults and wait for the browser vendors to get up to speed. I think Tantek's patience is greater than mine - 7 years is past the stage of asking the waiter where you food is. After 7 years we should be chasing the chef up the street with flaming torches and pitchforks.

Well ok, maybe not. But it is frustrating to be endlessly waiting for the day when we can actually build to standards, as opposed to build to standards then throw in a bunch of hacks to cater for all the browser quirks.

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