A couple of weeks ago, Mike Schinkel was kind enough to let me know that all the archive links on this page were broken (note to self: check error logs more often). Why they broke now is beyond me, although the rollout of the new Blogger might have something to do with it (lots of changes going on).

At any rate the problem was that the first character in the archive path was being dropped, resulting in links to "rchive/" instead of "archive/". The settings panel happened to match Blogger's help page exactly, yet things were still broken.

Blogger support don't really respond personally, they just let you know when a round of fixes go in. However all current work is focussed on the new version of Blogger. That's understandable but it leaves me stranded with an 'old Blogger' site with problems. I can't migrate yet since one of my blogs is "too big" - I guess they're waiting for server load to reduce before they process blogs with 3000+ posts.

Tired of waiting, I tried a few things and found that you now have to include the opening slash as well as the trailing slash: "/archive/". Why? Well someone at Blogger probably knows, but personally I don't really care so long as it works :)

So anyway, the archive links are back in business; and if you are having the same problem try adding the opening slash.

...and before people tell me to migrate to some other blog tool, I still don't want to maintain the blog tool - just the blog!