Friends, developers, geeks! Lend me your picnic blankets!

We believe that not all events require alcohol, extensive agendas and your entire weekend.

We believe lunch should be more interesting than a quick dash to the food court.

To this end, we present Geeks on the Grass: a chance to gather in the park with like-minded people, throw down the picnic blanket and chill out.

A few weeks back, Ajay and I were thinking about web events and we had a crazy idea. What if we - stay with me here - what if we went outside? Where there's stuff like sun, sky and grass...

Moments later were Twittering the idea; and shortly after that Lisa gave the idea a name. Thus Geeks on the Grass was born.

The first GotG is scheduled for Friday September 21st, 12-2pm in Hyde Park, Sydney; and has been kindly sponsored by News Digital Media. Further details will be posted at GeekWhisperer as they are finalised, so keep an eye on the feed.

Yes, we realise it's a weekday. Seriously, this is on purpose. GotG is an easy commitment - it's a leisurely lunch break in the park on a Friday, with the added bonus that you'll be chilled and sober when you go back to the office. Or you could bunk off afterwards and go to the pub, whatever mows your lawn :)