Opera has some great features buried in its menus, so I make a couple of buttons to add them to the standard toolbars.

The first one I use is Reload From Cache, which does exactly what it says. It reloads the page entirely from cache, which is really useful when you combine it with the ability to view source in your choice of text editor. You can view source, make some test changes, reload from cache and see if it worked. It's less twitchy than inline editing since it only reloads when you're ready; and it's far less aggravating than trying to do serious edits in a tiny window with no syntax highlighting.

The second is bleeding obvious - a button on your toolbar to load Dragonfly. I'm sure they'll add one as standard once it's out of beta, but who's that patient? :)

So anyway, here are the buttons. Click the links and they'll get added to your custom buttons; then you can drag them onto whichever toolbar you like.

Update 2010.08.28: Opera now includes a button for Dragonfly. Right click a toolbar, click Customise → Appearance → Buttons tab → Browser View → Dragonfly. Still no reload from cache button, as far as I know.

Update 2011.05.06: Dragonfly has finally gone 1.0!

However, if you'd still prefer a text button or the widget icon:

* = as suggested in comments. Thanks guys! :)

full instructions

Either click and drag the link to the toolbar of your choice, or...

  1. Click the link and then ok to add it to your buttons

  2. Right click a toolbar and select Customise

  3. Go to the Buttons tab and select My Buttons at the bottom left

  4. Drag the button to the toolbar of your choice

  5. Click ok and you should have a new button on your toolbar

to make more buttons

If you want to make more buttons of your own, check out the Opera Custom Button & Command Creator.