As is so often the case, I've had a new design for this blog kicking around for a couple of years. Actually applying it, of course, was never quite at the top of the To Do list. With a few days off, it finally bubbled up.

The new look is a tad minimal - barely counts as a 'design', really ;) The blog no longer includes comments, since reactions have largely moved to Twitter (I might reinstate the historical comments at some point). Just one column, as over the years I've realised I frequently preferred how things looked on a smaller screen like an iPad.

If you're curious about the photos, you can see the original photos on Flickr. The old garden photo is still in the rotation, although curiously not on Flickr as it pre-dates my use of photo sharing(!).

I did stick with Blogger as the convenience continues to outweigh - just - the annoyances. If anyone out there works on the Blogger team, get in touch - I have some feedback ;) Particularly around trying to meet a performance budget while Blogger injects Javascript I don't need!

The old and new, for posterity:

Screenshot of the old three-column design

Screenshot of the new one-column design