In the lead up to speaking at Web Directions Summit 2018, I ran a small survey for designers and developers. I wanted to know what people felt was important to know about each other; and how people preferred to work together.

If you are curious about the talk, a video is available on Conffab and the slides are available on Slideshare.

About the survey


  • Survey was open for around three weeks, September-October 2018
  • 176 responses
  • 55% of responses submitted anonymously
  • Survey was promoted on Twitter, Facebook and email lists
  • Survey was not incentivised

It's no surprise that it was hard to get responses, people are busy and surveys take time. Even with retweet visibility to more than a million people, I got just 176 responses. Enough to make the data usable but still a small sample.

Response from design specialists was notably lower than people with development or dev/design hybrid roles. I chose not to collect deep demographic information; but I encourage you to keep our industry's well-known biases in mind.

If you have any difficulties accessing this data, please get in touch.

Survey Results

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