Opera extends site license offer for schools: Opera's free site license for schools now includes students and staff for their privately-owned computers. [Remembering that 'school' means 'university', in this context.]

When Opera announced the free-for-universities deal, it didn't take much further thought to realise that if staff and students wanted to use it at uni they'd want to use it at home as well. It's smart for Opera to extend the deal to allow this, since it enables staff and students to have consistency between their home and work computers without any cost to themselves.

Opera represents the best of both worlds between open source and commercial sofware. It's free and innovative like open source, but it comes from an established development path and has formal technical support available. While most open source software is supported via online forums, this is not really enough to satisfy most enterprise-level support requirements (read: the red tape won't allow it).

Previously Firefox had the edge over Opera for students, since it was totally free as opposed to free with ads. Now, for students of participating universities, there is no cost for Opera either.