Apple - Mac OS X - VoiceOver: Mac OS X Tiger introduces VoiceOver, an accessibility interface that gives you magnification options, keyboard control and spoken English descriptions of what's happening on screen.

For some time, Microsoft was actually doing more for disabled users than Apple. For a company which generally tries to retain (or at least market) a "warm and fuzzy" relationship with its users, it seemed odd that Apple didn't seem to care much about accessibility. As a result, most disabled users are stuck on Windows machines (using IE, to boot) since that was basically their only option.

Now it seems Apple has decided to play catch-up; and in fact it seems they've leapfrogged Microsoft. VoiceOver includes keyboard controls, screen reader and vocal controls; while Windows really just feeds information to third-party screen readers like JAWS.

Does this mean disabled users will be flocking to Mac workstations? Unlikely; given the cost involved in switch to Macintosh. However it does at least give users a choice when they look at buying a new system. Previously Mac simply wasn't an option.

If nothing else, Apple's move might prompt Microsoft into making some improvements on the Windows side of the fence.