Someone recently suggested that Opera needed to provide developer resources, similar to Netcape in days gone by. Oddly enough, Opera already does; it's not that the resources aren't there, it's just that many developers are willing to bitch that their site broke in Opera but they're not willing to fix it.

While looking around at these resources, I noticed this: Open the Web: Have you had problems displaying a site in Opera or received a message saying that you are using an unsupported browser? In most cases, these problems occur on sites that use non-standard code or that fail to correctly recognize Opera.

Poor browser sniffing like that is really annoying. I frequently get told my browser is "old" and "not advanced enough for this site", when I know for certain Opera works just fine! Interestingly enough the same pages are often whitelisting IE and Netscape and excluding everything else. Not the end of the world if there's a "proceed anyway" link, but generally there isn't one.