Griffith University staff phonebook listings now include hCards in the markup and an option to save vCards. Check out "Find a staff member" at

It's the most comprehensive usage of hCard that I've seen so far - most hCards I've seen were personal contacts, which tend to include less fields. The vCard format has a few shortcomings, which obviously flow through to hCard. For example, there's no way to type a URL; so you can only enter one URL and some vCard readers default it to 'personal'.

The implementation is now listed at hcard - new examples (

[Disclosure: I work for Griffith and this was a project of mine, together with Colin Morris. We proposed the hCard/vCard implementation as part of an internal innovation grant scheme but it got funded outright before shortlisting was completed :)]

[Disclaimer: The University has nothing to do with this page; and vice-versa.]